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Convention Centre Dublin

10 September 2010

Convention Centre Dublin by Kevin Roche opens

After forty months of development and construction, and over a decade of planning wrangles and debate, Ireland’s first purpose-built conference centre has opened. Announced as the world’s first carbon neutral convention centre, it...

07 September 2010

Open at last: the Cube with the Tube

Kevin Roche, the renowned Dublin-born architect, hoped he would live to see the convention centre he designed for his native city up and running. And now, at the ripe old age of 88,...

22 July 2010

Convention centre does not yet have proper sewerage facilities

Doubts have been cast over the planned opening of the €380 million national convention centre in Dublin’s docklands after it emerged that the development does not have required sewerage facilities. The convention centre...

27 May 2009

Convention Centre Dublin recognised as First Carbon Neutral International Convention Centre

The Convention Centre, Dublin (CCD), announced it is the first carbon neutral international convention centre as the net impact of the building’s construction on the environment is zero. This landmark, which is still...