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20 April 2013

1920 – Estate of Cottages, Metchet Court, Hampshire

Architect: Deane & Braddell The Building News, August 27 1920:” This village hall and eight cottages are designed for the Melchet Court Estate. The plan of the hall is designed to allow of...

02 July 2012

1881 – Bailiff’s Cottage at West Stratton, Hampshire

Architect: Ernest Newton Designed for the Earl of Northbrook. Perspective View & Elevations published in The Building News, July 29th 1881. “This Is the first of a group of cottages to be built...

11 June 2012

1899 – Cottages, Matlock Dale, Derbyshire

Architect: E. Guy Dawber & Whitwell “This group of cottages, now building at Matlock, calls for no special mention. The walls are of local grit-stone, with the upper part brick, roughcasted and coloured,...

20 May 2012

1920 – Cottages and Village Shop, Kings Walden, Hertfordshire

Architect: Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel From The Building News, August 27 1920: “The illustration is of two of several pairs of cottages recently erected or in course of erection on the estate of Major...

20 May 2012

1874 – Labourers Cottages, Hatfield, Essex

Architect: Fred Chancellor From The Building News, October 23 1874: “We give this week plans and sketch of a pair of cottages, several of which have been built upon the estates of G....

31 March 2011

1868 – Cottage, Highgate, London

Architect: H.A. Darbyshire

03 November 2009

1884 – Cottage at Moston, Chester, Cheshire

Architect: E.A. Ould

03 November 2009

1884 – Cottage at Oakfield, Chester, Cheshire

Architect: E.A. Ould

26 June 2009

1886 – Model Cottages, Long Ditton, Surrey

Architect: J. Nixon Horsfield

26 June 2009

1904 – Three cottages, Shackleford, Surrey

Architect: Henry Tanner (jnr)

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