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Architecture of Derry

12 January 2016

1840 – Gywn’s Institution, Brooke Park, Derry

Architect: Samuel Jackman John Gwyn was a local businessman, who was born near Muff in County Donegal in 1754. He later moved to Derry with his mother and began a grocery business in...

12 January 2016

1966 – Rossville Flats, Derry

Architect: Northern Ireland Housing Trust / Northern Ireland Housing Executive Designed by the Londonderry Development Commission and later refurbished by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in the early 1980s. Constructed as part of...

06 January 2016

1906 – Proposal for Carnegie Library, Derry

Architect: M.A. Robinson Unbuilt proposal for a new Carnegie Library in the Diamond on the site of the former Townhall which had been destroyed in a fire.

06 January 2016

1927 – War Memorial, The Diamond, Derry

Architect: Vernon March Vernon March was an English sculptor, of Farnborough, Kent, who designed and made the bronze figures of Victory, a soldier and a sailor for the war memorial. It was constructed...

06 January 2016

1824 – Derry Gaol, Co. Derry

The fourth gaol constructed in Derry, it opened in 1824, and closed in 1953, and was demolished bar one tower in the early 1970s. It had a a unique horsehoe plan and was...

05 January 2016

1859 – Former Townhall, Derry

Architect: Thomas Turner Former townhall sited in the centre of the Diamond – the site of the war memorial today. Destroyed by fire and later demolished after the opening of the Guildhall. Extended...

05 January 2016

1898 – Northern Counties Hotel, Waterloo Place, Derry

Architect: Alfred Arthur Forman A fine late Victorian hotel with opulent interiors, that was restored in 2009 as office accommodation. The building had operated as a hotel up until the early sixties and...

05 January 2016

1913 – Victoria Hall, Waterside, Derry

Architect: Robinson & Davidson Built as a Presbyterian Hall, and now home to a branch of the British Legion and an Orange Lodge.

04 January 2016

1862 Dublin Builder Description of the “Architecture of Londonderry”

From The Dublin Builder: “Yielding the consideration of magnitude, there is none other – with certain comparatively trifling and remedial exceptions – in which the ‘Maiden Citie’ will suffer by comparison with any...

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