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Architecture of Devon

02 July 2012

1876 – The Manor House, Broadway, Sidmouth, Devon

Architect: George Somers Clarke Perspective including ground & chamber plans from The Building News, December 29th 1876.

02 July 2012

1887 – Lodge at Flete, Devon

Architect: J.D. Sedding Perspective and plan published in The Building News, September 30th 1887.

08 May 2011

1899 – Residence, Woolacombe, Devon

Architect: Allen T. Russell “This building has been erected as a summer residence for Mr. Spencer Pickering, F.U.S., of Harpenden and London. It is built with local stone, and the main quoins and...

15 February 2011

1884 – Business Premise, Exeter, Devon

Architect: Best & Commin The corner of Fore St. & North St, Exeter. Perspective view including ground plan published in The Building News, November 28th 1884.

14 February 2011

1873 – Church of St. John, Torquay, Devon

Architect: George Edmund Street Interior perspective view published in The Architect, April 19th 1873. Built between 1861-73 to the designs of G.E. Street, west tower completed 1884-85 by A.E. Street to his father’s...

04 February 2011

1888 – St.Michael’s Church, Heavitree, Devon

Architect: T.E. Lidiard James Design for Tower published in The Architect, November 25th 1888.

03 January 2011

1879 – St. Mary’s Church, Truro, Devon

Architect: J.P. St. Aubyn Perspective view, plans & details showing new church to the west published in The Building News, February 7th 1879.

24 June 2010

1863 – Duke of Cornwall Hotel, Plymouth, Devon

Architect: C.F. Hayward “The building of which we give illustrations (to be called ” The Duke of Cornwall Hotel”) is about to be erected at Plymouth, for the Plymouth Hotel Company, on a...

07 May 2010

1886 – New Church at Paignton, Devon

Architect: John D. Sedding Published in The Building News, December 31st 1886.