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01 July 2013

1914 – The Fletcher Moss Home, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: John Swarbrick Published in The Building News, September 19 1919: “This drawing, recently exhibited at this years Royal Academy, was prepared “before the’ war for Mr. Fletcher Moss, J.P., the author of...

04 March 2012

1896 – “Whitevale”, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: Joseph Swarbrick “This residence is situate upon the Ford Bank Estate, five miles south of Manchester. Whilst the situation of the site on the one hand demanded that the entrance should be...

04 March 2012

1896 – House at Blackburn Park, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: Joseph Swarbrick Perspective view including ground plan from The Building News, December 11th 1896.

29 June 2009

1879 – House & Stables, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: George F. Roper Perspective view published in The Building News, June 20th 1879.

29 June 2009

1910 – Elementary School, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: J. & J. Swarbrick

29 June 2009

1872 – The Towers, Didsbury, Lancashire

Architect: Thomas Worthington Designed for John Edward Taylor, owner of the Manchester Guardian, but sold in 1874 to the engineer, Daniel Adamson. Built in a form of Germanic Gothic, with lavish materials including...