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Dominic Stevens

18 September 2012

Irish nominated for BSI Architectural Foundation award

This year sees the staging of the third, international BSI Swiss Architectural Award. The purpose of the award, which is held every two years, is to draw the public’s attention to young architects...

19 April 2010

House that Dom built (for £22k)

How would you like to build your own home in just five weeks for a mere £22,000 – a tenth of the price of the average family house in Britain? It’s no garden...

08 April 2010

Dominic Stevens: ‘Architecture is about making a society’

Dominic Stevens knows where every inch of his latest, almost-finished house has come from. “That’s just chipboard,” he says, pointing to the floorboards, “and the façade is plant fibres in bitumen. It’s the...

20 September 2007

An Irish House Hides in Plain Sight

One afternoon in August, in this rural village in County Leitrim in Western Ireland, Grace Weir and Joe Walker climbed the nearest hill visible from their living room. It was only a mile...