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Dublin Airport Terminal 2

03 May 2011

2010 – OAK bar, Terminal 2, Dublin Airport

Architect: de Paor Architects The landside bar and cafe in the new terminal at Dublin airport is a 84mm oak veneered plywood deformed grid shell as a baldacchino over bar and server. It...

18 January 2011

2010 – Dublin Airport: Terminal 2

Architect: Pascall + Watson With its steel and glass facade, the new terminal makes use of natural light to create a modern and comfortable space for both departing and arriving passengers. The three...

14 January 2011

Three of a kind: Dublin airport’s Terminal 2

Providing Dublin airport with a 75,000m2 second terminal was always going to be a squeeze. The site is boxed in on three sides by other buildings and the runway, while the main access...