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Dublin Barracks

11 December 2013

1814 – Richmond Barracks, Inchicore, Dublin

Building of Richmond Barracks started in 1810 and it was occupied by the British Army from 1814. It was named after The 4th Duke of Richmond, Charles Lennox. Described in 1837, “The Richmond...

07 March 2013

1818 – Former Griffith Barracks, South Circular Road, Dublin

Originally known as the Richmond House of Correction and later the Richmond Bridewell. Opened in 1818 to designs by Francis Johnston, with later work in the 1850 by John Skipton Mulvany. In 1887...

19 February 2010

1811 – Ship Street Barracks, Dublin Castle

The offices on ship street were built in the 19th century as accommodation for Army engineers. Over the years they were used for a variety of purposes including training and offices. By the...

05 February 2010

1842 – Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Architect: Jacob Owen In 1836 the old County or Provincial Constabulary forces of Ireland were merged in a new centralised Constabulary of Ireland. The Phoenix Park in Dublin was chosen as the most...

25 January 2010

1701 – Collins Barracks, Arbour Hill, Dublin

Architect: Thomas Burgh Collins Barracks is the oldest inhabited barracks in Europe and once one of the largest. In recent years the National Museum of Ireland has taken over the Calvary Square ranges...

27 April 2009

1891 – McKee Barracks, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin

Architect: Major Robert Barklie RE Imposing and extravagant cavalry barracks, completed 1891. Plans prepared by Royal Engineers Dept, carried out under supervision of Robert Barklie, who was from Larne, Co. Antrim.