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Dublin Guild Halls

17 November 2014

1747 – Weavers Hall, The Coombe, Dublin

Architect: Joseph Jarratt A weavers’ hall had been built by The Weavers’ Guild, The Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Lower Coombe in 1682. In 1745, when the building of a...

07 May 2012

1812 – Bricklayers Hall, Cuffe St., Dublin

The headquarters of the Bricklayers’ and Stonecutters’ Guild, originally built as the ill-fated St. Peter’s Parish Savings Bank. In the 1820s the savings bank had been embezzled by William Bruce Dunne, sexton of...

25 April 2011

1821 – Merchant’s Hall, Wellington Quay, Dublin

Architect: Frederick Darley Originally built as a Guild hall but after the 1841 Municipal Reform Act which saw members of Dublin Corporation directly elected rather than through the influence of the Guilds, the...

09 June 2010

1706 – Tailor’s Hall, High Street, Dublin

The only one of the old medieval Guild Halls that still exists in Dublin, the Tailor’s Hall is tucked away in Back Lane of High Street. Recent widening of High Street has removed...