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14 May 2012

1834 – Crichton Royal Asylum, Dumfries, Scotland

Architect: William Burn Designed with two central octagonal towers from which wings for the patients extended, Burns work at Crichton was a very ambitious project that was ultimately not completed. Only one of...

21 June 2010

1901 – Glenluiart, Moniave, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Architect: W. West Neve Commissioned by Ellen Maria Monteith, a sister of the architect William West Neve. Front Perspective View as published in The Building News , May 11th 1900. Several other buildings...

09 March 2010

1869 – Newtownaird House, Dumfriesshire

Architect: Peddie & Kinnear From The Architect and Contract Reporter, March 6 1869: Newtonaird House, recently erected from the designs of Messrs. Peddie & Kinnear, of Edinburgh, for P. Smith, Esq., is situated...

09 June 2009

1880 – Kirkwood, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

Architect: Walter F. Lyon Perspective view published in The Building News, May 14th. 1880.

09 June 2009

1881 – New Convent and Church, Dumfries, Scotland

Architect: Pugin & Pugin “This building, now in course of erection, is being built for the nuns of the Perpetual Adoration, at the cost of the dowager Lady Herries. It is situated on...

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