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E.C. Robins

20 July 2009

1878 – North London Collegiate School for Girls, Camden Town, London

Architect: E.C. Robins

16 July 2009

1876 – House, Roupell Park Estate, London

Architect: E.C. Robins

16 July 2009

1874 – Public Elementary Schools, Wapping, London

Architect: E.C. Robins

16 July 2009

1873 – Christ Church, Westminster Road, Lambeth, London

Architect: E.C. Robins A design concept for Christ Church Congregational Chapel which was completed in 1874. The church as completed had the tower and spire on the main facade as opposed to above...

06 July 2009

1882 – Evangelical Protestant Deconesses Institution & Training Hospital, Tottenham, London

Architect: Edward C. Robins In 1865 a Dr Laseron decided to found a hospital where ladies could be trained to nurse the sick poor. Thus, the Evangelical Protestant Deaconesses’ Institution and Training Hospital...

29 June 2009

1878 – Institution for the Education of the Daughters of Missionaries, Sevenoaks, Kent

Architect: Edward C. Robins Published in The Building News, October 18th 1878. “This institution has been for many years located at Walthamstow, but the committee recently decided that a new building should be...

28 June 2009

1885 – Merchant Venturer’s School, Bristol, Gloucestershire

Architect: Edward C. Robins

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