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Architecture of Essex

05 June 2011

1919 – “The Stone & Faggot” Inn, Little Yeldham, Essex

Architect: Basil Oliver Closed as a public house, and converted into a private residence. In the village bakery in the 18th century, faggots of sticks were used to heat stones on which bread...

26 January 2011

1875 – Proposed Belfrey & Spire, Christ Church, Lee, Essex

Architect: E. Francis Clarke Proposed Ring Stage Belfrey & Spire from The Building News, July 2nd 1875.

08 November 2010

1888 – “Hawkstead”, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Architect: H. Herbert Francis Front Perspective View from The Architect, March 30th 1888.

01 September 2010

1880 – St. Paul’s Church, Bentley Common, Essex

Architect: Ernest C. Lee Perspective view including ground plan as published in The Building News, May 7th 1880.

10 August 2010

1870 – White Colne Church, Colchester, Essex

Architect: C.J. Moxon Before & after restoration as published in The Building News, July 1st, 1870

22 July 2010

1870 – St. Paul’s School, Stratford, Essex

Architect: Henry Ough “These schools are erected in the parish of St. Paul, Stratford, of which the Rev. G. P. Keosh is vicar. The parish contains upwards of 10 000 inhabitants, principally of...

15 July 2010

1870 – Church of St. Andrew, Plaistow, Essex

Architect:James Brooks Published in The Building News, November 25th 1870. The large stone building, designed by James Brooks, is in an Early English style with an apsidal chancel and large but uncompleted crossing...

06 July 2010

1886 – Business Premises, Maldon, Essex

Architect: J. Ellis Martin Published in The Building News, December 24th 1886.

24 June 2010

1864 – Congregational Church, Barking, Essex

Architect: W.P. Poulton “The memorial stone of a new Congregational Church, wag laid on the 6th of last month, at Barking. Of this building we give an illustration. The geometrical character of Gothic...

12 April 2010

1898 – Semi-Detatched Houses, Buckhurst Hill, Essex

Architect: A. Needham Wilson Published in The Building News July 27th 1898.