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Eugène-Etienne Tache

16 December 2009

Tache, Eugène-Etienne (1836-1912)

Eugène-Etienne Tache (25 October 1836 – 13 March 1912) was a French Canadian surveyor, civil engineer, illustrator and architect. He devised the Quebec’s provincial coat-of-arms and motto Je me souviens. In 1861 he...

16 December 2009

1887 – Ministry of Finance, Quebec City, Quebec

Architect: Eugène-Etienne Tache Originally built as a courthouse, and was restored again from 1983 to 1987. Since then it has been Québec’s Ministry of Justice. The architect of the exterior was Eugène-Etienne Tache,...

16 December 2009

1886 – Hôtel du Parlement, Quebec City, Quebec

Architect: Eugène-Etienne Tache The Parliament Building (Hôtel du Parlement) is home to the Parliament of Quebec composed of the Lieutenant-Governor and the National Assembly. The building was designed by architect Eugène-Étienne Taché and...