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01 October 2009

19th C. – Câmara Municipal, Faro, Portugal

Faro was recognized as a town by the kinf Afonso III in 1266 and it was by then that the first “town hall” was built. During the 19th century, it was extended into...

01 October 2009

1812 – Arco da Vila, Faro

Architect: Francisco Xavier Fabri At the south end of the Jardim Manuel Bivar stands the Arco da Vila, an arched gateway built by the Genoese architect Francisco Xavier Fabri, surmounted by a bell...

01 October 2009

1755 – Misericordia Church and Hospital, Faro, Portugal

Architect: Francisco Xavier Fabri The church. with its adjoining hospital, was built at the end of the 16th century at the instigation of Bishop Afonso Castelo Branco, over the old Manueline Espirito Santo...

01 October 2009

1260s – Cathedral, Faro, Portugal

The main chapel boasts a fine altar, throne and two Italian canvasses. The two side chapels are among the best examples of baroque carving in the Algarve. The walls and altar of the...