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31 March 2013

1869 – Finsbury District Schools, London

Architect: Fred Peck The Finsbury School District, one of several such bodies set up to provide accommodation for pauper children away from the workhouse, briefly existed in 1868-9. It never got as far...

24 June 2010

1863 – Houses, Worship Street, Finsbury, London

Architect: Philip Webb “The name Gillum’s-fields continued to be applied to the space behind the houses; but, like the other fields of London, they soon lost their rural character, and degenerated into a...

06 August 2009

1904 – Electra House, Finsbury, London

Architect: John Belcher

21 July 2009

1883 – Commercial Premises, Finsbury, London

Architect: Edwin Hall

21 July 2009

1882 – Children’s Hospital, Mark Street, Finsbury, London

Architect: John D. Sedding