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01 March 2013

1872 – Clergy House & Schools, St. Peter’s, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: S. Slingsby Stallwood The consecration of the new St. Peter’s as a chapel-of-ease took place of 30 July 1868 by the archbishop of Canterbury. St Peter’s became a separate parish the same...

15 June 2010

1886 – Public Library & Museum, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Brightwen Binyon Selected Design. Perspective view & plans as published in The Building News July 16th 1886.

02 December 2009

1888 – Shelter on the Lees, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Bromley & Cowell Published in The Building News, April 20th 1888.

30 November 2009

1886 – National Art Treasures Exhibition, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Joseph Gardner Perspective view published in The Building News, May 14th 1886.

09 October 2009

1879 – Mechanics Club & Institute, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Reginald Pope Perspective view including ground plan published in The Building News, August 15th 1879. “This scheme was originally promoted by the Lodge No. 126 A.O. Druids, for the purpose of providing...

01 October 2009

1880 – Pair of Villas, Christ Church Road, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Reginald Pope “These villas are being erected for Mr. N. White, in the Christ Church-road, Folkestone. They are without basements, the kitchen and offices being on a level with dining and drawing-rooms....

27 September 2009

1884 – St. Michael’s Church, Folkestone, Kent

Architect: Bodley & Garner