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Frederick Clarendon

14 April 2010

Clarendon, Frederick Villiers (1820 – 1904)

Frederick Clarendon was born in Dublin around 1820 and received a Bachelor of Arts at Dublin University in 1839. Directly after graduation he was employed by the Office of Public Works, where he...

08 April 2010

1835 – Arbour Hill Prison, Dublin

Architect: Jacob Owen, Joshua Webb, Richard Cuming The smallest of Dublin’s Victorian prisons, Arbour Hill Prison was originally designed in 1835 by Jacob Owen and later rebuilt in 1845 by Sir Joshua Webb...

16 February 2010

1859 – Natural History Museum, Merrion Square, Dublin

Architect: Frederick Clarendon Although externally well designed in an austere granite classicism between 1856-57 – it is the interior of the Natural History Museum which deserves the most attention. Known as the ‘Dead...

05 February 2010

1850 – Criminal Lunatic Asylum, Dundrum, Co. Dublin

Architect: Jacob Owen & Frederick Clarendon