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George Knowles

23 April 2013

1814 – Liffey Bridge, Lucan, Co. Dublin

Architect: George Knowles Designed by George Knowles, architect of Dublin’s Fr. Mathew and O’Donovan Rossa Bridges, and built in 1814 in collaboration with James Savage to replace several bridges which were carried away...

20 January 2010

1816 – O’Donovan Rossa Bridge, Dublin

Architect: George Knowles & James Savage Built in 1813 and opened in 1816, this was originally known as Richmond Bridge after the Viceroy – it was later renamed after Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa (1831-1915)...

20 January 2010

1818 – Father Mathew Bridge, Dublin

Architect: George Knowles & James Savage Originally the site of the only bridge crossing the Liffey until 1674, Fr Mathew Bridge is named after a proponent of abstinence from alcohol. The current bridge...

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