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Georgian Doorways

23 June 2010

1720 – Henrietta Street, Dublin

Henrietta Street dates from the 1720s and was laid out by Luke Gardiner as his first venture. Gardiner, more than any other individual was responsible for turning Dublin into an elegant Georgian city....

18 June 2010

1772 – North Great George’s Street, Dublin

Mount Eccles, the home of Sir John Eccles, Lord Mayor in 1710, stood where the Lorreto Convent, North Great George’s Street stands now. The street was originally a driveway leading to the house....

11 June 2010

1753 – Parnell Square, Dublin

Originally Rutland Square, which referred to the park in the centre and the second earliest of Dublin’s squares. The surrounding streets were known as Charlemont Row, Cavendish Row and Palace Row and Great...

10 June 2010

1760s – Clare Street, Dublin

Named after Denzille Holles (1597-1681), Earl of Clare (in Suffolk, not Ireland). The details of Dublin’s Georgian doorways varies greatly from street to street and even from doorway to doorway within the same...

10 June 2010

1759 – Hatch Street, Dublin

The Leeson family owned this area but they let sites to John Hatch, after whom the street is named, in 1759. Hatch was a lawyer and director of the Royal Canal Co. and...

09 June 2010

1776 – Harcourt Street, Dublin

Named after Lord Simon Harcourt, the former Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1772-76. A fine Georgian street that is largely intact, Harcourt Street leads away from St. Stephen’s Green. The details of Dublin’s...

09 June 2010

1790s – Mount Street, Dublin

Probably named after the mount of Gallows Hill, which lay between here and modern Baggot Street which, was known as Gallows Road in 1757 and is shown in Rocque’s map of 1756. There...

19 February 2010

1810 – Baggot Street, Dublin

Baggot Street is named after Robert, Lord Bagod who was given the Manor of Rath in the 13th century. Baggot Rath castle stood at what is now the junction of Waterloo Road and...

18 February 2010

1792 – Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin

Fitzwilliam Place is the continuation of Fitzwilliam Street after it passes through Fitzwilliam Square.

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