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09 October 2010

1878 – House at Harrow School, London

Architect: T.G. Jackson Although Harrow School was founded in 1571, the majority of its buidings date from 1845-84. During this period, a succession of architects designed individual buildings. A great many of the...

09 December 2009

1886 – New Class Rooms & Museum, Harrow School, London

Architect: Basil Champneys Harrow School, commonly known simply as “Harrow”, is an independent school for boys situated in the town of Harrow, in north-west London. Harrow has educated boys since 1243 but was...

04 September 2009

1905 – St. John the Baptist, Greenhill, Harrow, London

Architect: J.S. Adler

10 August 2009

1860 – Proposed Terrace in Harrow, London

Architect: Thomas Harris

10 August 2009

1903 – House at Hatch End, Harrow, London

Architect: Melville S. Ward

10 August 2009

1884 – New Villas, Lady Cross, Harrow on the Hill, London

Architect: Thomas Kissack

06 August 2009

1905 – Shops at Harrow, London

Architect: W. Newton Dunn Perspective view from The Building News, March 24th 1905.

05 August 2009

1872 – Cottage Hospital, Harrow on the Hill, London

Architect: George & Vaughan Perspective view including ground & chamber plans, published in The Builder, November 2nd 1872. The Harrow Cottage Hospital was founded in 1866 by Dr. W. Hewlett. In 1868 a...

21 July 2009

1883 – Lodge, Mount Park Estate, Harrow on the Hill, London

Architect: Higgs & Rudkin “In our present number we give a perspective view of a villa now in course of erection of the highest part of the Mount Park Estate, Harrow. The nature...

21 July 2009

1883 – Villa at Mount Park Estate, Harrow, London

Architect: Higgs & Rudkin

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