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Henry J. Lyons

26 April 2010

1929 – Former Grand Cinema, Fairview, Dublin

Architect: Henry J. Lyons Former cinema, now missing most of its auditorium after the rear half of the building was demolished. The former balcony level still exists as a private screening cinema, after...

24 November 2009

New order in court as €140m legal ‘Pantheon’ opens doors

The new €140m criminal courts complex, the largest State building to be constructed since the James Gandon-designed Four Courts in 1796, opens for business tomorrow. The Criminal Courts of Justice (CCJ) complex, on...

04 November 2009

Justice does itself justice

NOT all the Celtic Tiger’s legacy is toxic. It includes, for example, the splendid building unveiled yesterday, the new criminal courts complex beside the main entrance to the Phoenix Park, the biggest State...

06 June 2009

Lyons, Henry J. (1880-1947)

Apprenticed to Kaye, Parry and Ross before establishing a private practice in 1927. Elected Fellow of the RIBA in 1925. Specialised in commercial buildings, particularly cinemas and factories, before being joined by his...