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Henry Tanner

31 May 2013

1922 – Dickins & Jones, 224-244 Regent St., London

Architect: Henry Tanner In 1790, Dickins and Smith opened a shop at 54, Oxford Street, at the sign of the Golden Lion. In 1830 the shop was renamed “Dickins, Sons and Stevens”, and...

05 February 2011

1899 – Post Office, Liverpool

Architect: Henry Tanner Probably one of the finest post office buildings in the UK, reminiscent of a French chateau. Unfortunately, the building was severely damaged in the May blitz in 1941, resulting in...

17 September 2009

1910 – Queen’s University, Belfast

Architect: Henry Tanner Second placed scheme for buildings adjacent to the Lanyon Building of Queen’s.

06 August 2009

1905 – King Edward VII Building, New General Post Office, London

Architect: Sir Henry Tanner

14 July 2009

1892 – New Post Office, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Henry Tanner

07 July 2009

1908 – Proposed Addition to The Royal Courts of Justice, London

Architect: Sir Henry Tanner

06 July 2009

1905 – New Shipping Offices, Cockspur Street, London

Architect: Sir Henry Tanner 2nd. Premiated Design

08 June 2009

1894 – Cardiff Post Office

Architect: Henry Tanner

08 June 2009

Tanner, Henry (1849-1935)

Sir Henry Tanner was born in 1849 and was trained in the office of Anthony Salvin. He worked in H M Office of Works, London as assistant surveyor from 1871 to 1876, moving...