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31 March 2011

1868 – Cottage, Highgate, London

Architect: H.A. Darbyshire

21 September 2010

1885 – International College, Highgate, London

Architect: Banister Fletcher Perpective View including ground & basement plan published in The Building News, August 7th 1885.

13 November 2009

1879 – Holborn Union Infirmary, Highgate, London

Architect: H. Saxon Snell & Son In 1877-9, a new Union infirmary was erected at the west side of Archway Road, in Highgate. It was designed by Henry Saxon Snell, who was also...

14 October 2009

1870 – Kenwood Tower, Highgate, London

Architect: Salomons & Jones “Kenwood Tower now being erected for Mr Brooke will have the external walls with Loughborough red bricks and rubbed red brick quoins, all the dressings of the and other...

10 August 2009

1876 – Southwood Lawn Estate, Highgate, London

Architect: Fred Chancellor