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Horace Gundry

17 January 2012

1870 – 98/99 Fetter Lane, London

Architect: Horace Gundry “This building is one of the earliest examples of the revival of the Jacobean and Queen Anne styles in London, having been erected in 1868-70. The premises were built for...

05 October 2009

1879 – South Villa, Regents Park, London

Architect: Horace Gundry As published in The Building News, April 25th 1879.

24 June 2009

1875 – Cottages at Walton, Warwickshire

Architect: Horace Gundry Designed for Sir Charles Mordaunt. Plans, Elevations & Porch Details published in The Building News, August 6th and September 3rd 1875.