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21 July 2009

1882 – Children’s Hospital, Mark Street, Finsbury, London

Architect: John D. Sedding

20 July 2009

1877 – East London Hospital for Children, Shadwell, London

Architect: H.S. Legg & Charles A. Legg Perspective view including ground plan published in The Building News, March 2nd 1877. Eventually became the Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children before closing in...

16 July 2009

1866 – Kings College Hospital, London

Architect: Thomas Bellamy King’s was originally opened in 1840 in the disused St Clements Dane workhouse in Portugal Street close to Lincoln’s Inn Fields. It was used as a training facility where medical...

16 July 2009

1860 – The Cancer Hospital, Brompton, London

Architect: John Young & Son Founded as the Free Cancer Hospital in 1851 by Dr William Marsden at 1, Cannon Row, Westminster. Marsden, deeply affected by the death of his wife Elizabeth Ann...

15 July 2009

1897 – New Hospital, Halifax, Yorkshire

Architect: W. Clement Williams

15 July 2009

1894 – Cottage Hospital, Near Whitby, Yorkshire

Architect: Thomas Miller

14 July 2009

1903 – Seacroft Hospital, Leeds, Yorkshire

Architect: Edwin T. Hall

14 July 2009

1883 – The Kendray Wing, Becket Dispensary, Barnsley, Yorkshire

Architect: R. Phene Spier

14 July 2009

1876 – Proposed Hospital, Wakefield, Yorkshire

Architect: J.T. Micklethwaite Premiated design published in The Building News, May 26th 1876.