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J.P. Seddon

20 September 2009

Seddon, John P. (1827-1906)

English Gothic Revival architect who trained with T. L. Donaldson. He was in partnership with John Prichard (1817-86) from 1852 to 1869, and with John Coates Carter (1859-1927) from 1884 to 1894. With...

10 August 2009

1874 – Choir Stalls, St. Nicholas Church, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Architect: John P. Seddon Published in The Building News, December 26 1873: “The double page of details and single page perspective illustrations given, are from the drawings exhibited by Mr. J.P. Seddon, in...

06 August 2009

1904 – Imperial Monumental Halls & Tower at Westminster, London

Architect: John P. Seddon & Edward B. Lamb

21 July 2009

1881 – Lambeth Infant School, London

Architect: John P. Seddon “The new infant-school buildings of St. Mary’s, Lambeth, have been erected upon a site kindly given by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with a frontage to the high road, a...

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