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JC Decaux

15 February 2009

Bicycle rental scheme to go ahead

The French scheme was introduced 18 months ago with 20,000 bicycles, but 7,800 have already been stolen and 1 1,600 have been vandalised or damaged, according to figures released by JCDecaux. Remi Pheulpin,...

28 August 2008

Does €100m worth of business in return for 450 bikes AD up?

Dublin City Council should make public a contract in which advertising space is being exchanged for bicycles, a politician has said. The call comes as controversy continues to surround the deal struck between...

21 August 2008

Opposition grows against advertising panel plan in return for bike rental

Archiseek, Ireland’s architectural discussion website, has added its voice to calls on Dublin City Council to halt the erection of free-standing advertising panels on footpaths in the city pending a review and investigation....

21 August 2008

Council street ads branded a total ‘disaster’

A popular architectural website has branded Dublin City Council’s new on-street advertising panels “an unmitigated disaster”. The website, Archiseek, now wants the council to halt the installation of the free-standing billboards pending a...

10 August 2008

Dublin bike scheme billboards threat to drivers

Dublin’s “free bike scheme” for its citizens has encountered an unexpected obstacle. It has emerged that the city council will be liable for accidents caused by the billboards that have been erected on...

10 August 2008

Advertising space for rental bikes ‘a dodgy deal’

The agreement between Dublin City Council and international advertising company JC Decaux to provide rental bicycles in exchange for advertising space estimated to be worth €1 million annually is a “dodgy deal”, Green...

09 July 2008

Billboards that caused traffic chaos

Fresh controversy erupted over Dublin’s “billboards for bikes” scheme after one of the new advert panels became an instant traffic hazard. The sleek electronic “metropanel” was placed directly in front of a set...

02 May 2008

“Bikes-for-Billboards” scheme exposes major planning flaws

It sounded like a fairytale, yet what was initially hailed as “free bikes” has become one of the biggest planning controversies to hit the capital in years. The so-called “metropole” plan – whereby...

12 February 2008

Planning permission for 18 Dublin billboards rejected

An Bord Pleanála has refused permission for 18 advertising panels, which were to be erected as part of the Dublin city bike rental scheme, largely on the grounds that they would endanger public...

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