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Architecture of Kent

29 May 2012

1883 – House at Minster, Thanet, Kent

Architect: Sydney Vacher Published in The Architect, January 20th 1883.

29 May 2012

1881 – St. Nicholas’ Church, Rodmersham, Kent

Architect: S. Slingsby Staffwood St Nicholas Church was started in the 15th Century and constructed out of locally quarried dark flint and stone. Indeed the church’s imposing tower is widely considered to be...

25 April 2012

1888 – The Rochester & County Club, Rochester, Kent

Architect: George Friend Perspective view & floor plan published in The Building News, February 17th 1888.

09 April 2012

1877 – House, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Architect: C.N. Beazley Published in The Building News, June 22nd 1877.

24 March 2012

1887 – Mission Church, Chislehurst, Kent

Architect: E. Crutchloe Published in The Building News, December 30th 1887.

24 February 2012

1883 – Country House, Bromley, Kent

Architect: Aston Webb Perspective view of country house published in The Builder, May 19th, 1883.

15 February 2012

1892 – House, South Hill Park, Bromley, Kent

Architect: Williams & Hopton Published in The Builder, February 6th 1892.

23 January 2012

1901 – Cottages, Canterbury Road, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Architect: Banister, Fletcher & Sons Perspective view & plans as published in The Building News, December 20th 1901.

14 January 2012

1871 – Church of the Annunciation, Chislehurst, Kent

Architect: James Brooks A lofty building with beautiful stained glass and wall paintings designed to uplift and inspire the worshipper. The church of the Annunciation was funded by the people of Chislehurst, designed...