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Architecture of Kent

01 March 2011

1876 – Design for The Borden School, Kent

Architect: William J. Anscell Birds Eye Perspective of the College Building pubished in The Building News, August 4th 1876.

04 February 2011

1888 – Design for Clock Tower, Margate, Kent

Architect: George W. Ward Elevation, Section & Plans published in The Architect, March 23rd 1888. Unbuilt.

26 January 2011

1875 – House at Westgate-on-Sea, Kent

Architect: C.H. Beazley Perspective View & Plan published in The Building News, September 17th 1875.

26 January 2011

1875 – Church of The Annunciation, Prick End, Chislehurst, Kent

Architect: James Brooks Perspective view & plan published in The Building News,September 17th 1875. Interior view published in The Building News, December 25 1874: “This church , of which we give an interior...

26 January 2011

1875 – Mausoleum at All Saints Church, Whitstable, Kent

Architect: Charles Barry Elevation, section & plan published in Building News,October 15th 1875.

05 January 2011

1906 – St Luke’s Church, Well Hall, Kent

Architect: Temple Moore Published in The Building News, June 15th 1906.

04 January 2011

1877 – Entrance Lodge, Foxbush House, Kent

Architect: George Somers Clarke Elevations, perspective view including ground & 1st floor plans from The Building News, March 23rd 1877.

04 January 2011

1883 – Houses, Hayes Common, Kent

Architect: T.E. Collcutt Perpective view published in The Building News, August 3rd 1883.

17 November 2010

1883 – Shops, Grove Park, Kent

Architect: Ernest Newton Shops at Grove Park including ground plan published in The Building News, November 9th 1883.

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