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Kevin Roche

08 January 2013

Video – Kevin Roche chats with Shane O’Toole

Kevin Roche, the Irish architect behind such iconic buildings as the skyscrapers of the UN Plaza and California’s Oakland Museum, has been awarded the UCD Ulysses Medal. After receiving the award, Roche took...

09 April 2011

An Irish starchitect: the iconic buildings that have made Kevin Roche’s reputation

When Kevin Roche went to the US embassy in Dublin as a young architect in 1948 he just wanted a visitor’s visa. “I really had no intention of staying in the US, but...

22 February 2011

Turning a Rearview Mirror on Kevin Roche

Few figures better illustrate the divide between how architects see the world and how the general public does than Kevin Roche. To many people, Mr. Roche’s buildings sum up everything that was wrong...

11 February 2011

Yale School of Architecture Honors Kevin Roche with Exhibition, Symposium

The Yale School of Architecture will pay homage to renowned architect and planner Kevin Roche in a series of free and public events that include the first comprehensive retrospective exhibition of his work...

17 August 2010

1989 – 60 Wall Street, New York

Architect: Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associates Built between 1987 and 1989 as the headquarters for J.P. Morgan & Co., the tower has over 1.7 million square feet of office space. The tower...

05 August 2010

1968 – Ford Foundation, New York

Architect: Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associates The Ford Foundation Building pioneered the spacious, green, full-height atrium. Supported by an exposed steel structure, the building takes the form of a glass box enclosing...

21 September 2009

1989 – Leo Burnett Building, Chicago, Illinois

Architect: Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo & Associates The Leo Burnett Building is widely considered one of the top ten buildings in the Chicago downtown area and is a prominent and highly recognizable component...

06 June 2009

Roche, Kevin (Born 1922)

Kevin Roche (born 14th June 1922) was born in Dublin, but grew up in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, and educated at Rockwell College, before studying architecture at University College Dublin. According to The Irish...

06 June 2009

Fox, Kevin (1921-)

Kevin Fox graduated from UCD along with Patrick Scott and Kevin Roche in 1945 and joined Michael Scott shortly after. A brilliant draughtsman, during the Busáras project he was responsible for many of...

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