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Architecture of Leicestershire

16 January 2014

1898 – Leicestershire Banking Co., Loughborough, Leicestershire

Architect: Goddard, Paget & Goddard “The new premises of the Leicestershire Banking Company, Limited, occupy a commanding position in the Market-place, all the bank offices being placed upon the ground floor. Above them...

01 January 2014

1879 – Villas near Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: T.H. Baker “These two houses near Leicester were designed to combine modem requirements with tlie simplicity and purity of English domestic work {17th century). The cost is about £2,400. The architect is...

16 January 2011

1881 – House, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Stockdale Harrison Published in The Building News, October 28, 1881.

20 October 2010

1888 – Villa Residence, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Architect: Cecil Wheeler As published in The Architect, April 13th 1888.

02 September 2010

1881 – Melbourne Hall, St. Peter’s Road, Leicester

Architect: Goddard & Paget As published in The Building News, March 12th 1880. Melbourne Hall is an Evangelical Free Church.

17 August 2010

1894 – “One Ash” Loughborough Road, Quorn, Leicestershire

Architect: Larner Sugden Small country house, 1894. By Larner Sugden for W Wright. Granite rubble stone ground floor with plinth, otherwise red brick with stone band and plain tile roof with stone coped...

27 July 2010

1869 – Kimcote Church, Leicestershire

Architect: William Smith Restored 1869. Published in The Building News, January 21st 1870.

12 April 2010

1887 – New Premises Co-operative Society, Enderby, Leicestershire

Architect: Thomas Hind In its heyday, the latter half of the 19th century and early 20th century ‘The Society’, had in Enderby, its own farms, slaughterhouses, dairy (on Townsend Road), bakery (now apartments...

22 November 2009

1884 – New Central Stores & Offices, Leicester Co-operative Society

Architect: Thomas Hind Perspective published in The Building News, December 12th 1884.

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