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Architecture of Leicestershire

29 June 2009

1906 – Burrough Court, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Walter H. Brierley

29 June 2009

1906 – New Carnegie Library, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Architect: Barrowcliff & Allcock

29 June 2009

1878 – Offices, Grey Friars, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Isaac Barradale “The illustration is taken from the drawing in this year’s Royal Academy Exhibition. The front wall to ground-floor story is faced with Kitton stone, the upper stories are faced with...

29 June 2009

1904 – Six Cottages, Elmesthorpe, Leicestershire

Architect: C.F.A. Voysey

29 June 2009

1878 – House at Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Tait & Langham

29 June 2009

1877 – House at Lubenham, Leicestershire

Architect: Robert W. Edis Additions and alterations to a Hunting Lodge at Lubenham including Elevations, Sections & Details published in The Building News, March 9th 1877.

29 June 2009

1904 – New Shop & Offices, High Street, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: G. Lawton Brown

29 June 2009

1879 – Two Houses at Stoneygate, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Isaac Barradale “We this week illustrate a perspective view of these houses, taken from a drawing exhibited in the Royal Academy this year, designed by Mr. Isaac Barradale, F.R.I.B A., Leicester, for...

29 June 2009

1873 – Municipal Buildings, Leicester, Leicestershire

Architect: Francis J. Hames “We are enabled to give in our impression to- day illustrations of the selected design for the municipal buildings, Leicester. The competitions for this work have been somewhat remarkable....

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