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Leinster House Dublin

03 March 2009

Removal of Dáil car park opposed by some members of commission

The temporary car park in Leinster House, which covered a historic lawn when it was created nearly a decade ago, is to be removed this summer, the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission decided...

26 January 2009

Oireachtas car park must go, says OPW

Plans to build an underground car park under Leinster House must be indefinitely deferred and the temporary car park on Leinster Lawn removed, the Office of Public Works (OPW) has said. Leinster Lawn,...

14 September 2008

Leinster House is falling down – secret report warns of danger to TDs and staff

Substantial risks to politicians and other civil servants who work in the crumbling Leinster House complex have been outlined in a confidential report delivered to the Ceann Comhairle. Despite the clearly outlined risks,...

26 June 2008

Leinster House restoration is delayed for a year

A multi-million euro restoration of Leinster House has been delayed for a year because the Department of Finance insists the job must be completed for a pre-agreed price. The decision means that a...

03 December 2007

Plans to restore Leinster Lawn to be reviewed

Plans to restore Leinster Lawn, which was paved over almost 10 years ago to create a “temporary” car park for the Dáil, are to be reviewed at an Oireachtas Commission meeting next week....