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24 September 2009

1864 – Linen Hall Library, Belfast

Architect: Lanyon, Lynn and Lanyon Sited on Donegall Square facing the dominant City Hall, the Linen Hall Library is the cultural heart of the city of Belfast. It was originally built as a...

24 September 2009

1879 – Library & Museum, Ipswich, Suffolk

Architect: Horace Cheston A replacement building for the town museum which is built in a 17th Century style, was the result of a design competition, won by Horace Cheston. Perspective View & Elevations...

07 September 2009

1968 – National Library of Australia, Canberra

02 September 2009

1956 – National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh

Architect: Reginald Fairlie Located on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh is the main building of the National Library of Scotland, Scotland’s only copyright deposit library. A pre-war design, the foundations were laid and...

10 August 2009

1885 – Library, Assembly Rooms & Public Baths, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Architect: William Sugden & Sons

07 August 2009

1904 – Public Library, Bromley, London

Architect: Squire Myers & Petch

07 August 2009

1906 – Central Library, St. Pancras, London

Architect: Cross & Mallows

07 August 2009

1906 – Hackney Central Library, London

Architect: Trimnell & Davison

07 August 2009

1906 – Hackney Central Library, London

Architect: Henry A. Crouch