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29 June 2010

1969 – Richardson Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: Smith Carter & Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP At 124 metres and 34 floors, this is one of the tallest buildings in the city, and sited at the traditional heart of the...

29 June 2010

1928 – Canadian Wheat Board, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Northwood & Chivers Two buildings, the original of 1928 by Northwood & Chivers and a later addition of 1962 designed to co-exist with the original facade. The original building has a large...

29 June 2010

1983 – MTS Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Smith Carter MTS Place consists of two buildings, a shorter block of twelve floors and a taller narrow block of 24 floors. The building is directly attached to the side of the...

29 June 2010

1979 – Commodity Exchange Tower, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Smith Carter At 117 metres and 31 floors, this tower decimates the surrounding streetscapes, rendering them soulless at street level. Even the attempt at a shopping mall underneath the building and the...

29 June 2010

1912 – 139 Market Avenue, Steele Briggs Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architect: Cyril W.U. Chivers Curiously old-fashioned looking for a 1912 commercial premises, this brick warehouse has a nice cut-stone entranceway. The small windows and dark brick make the building gloomy in appearance.

29 June 2010

1905 – 136 Market Avenue, Marshall-Wells Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: Hooper & Walker From the 1890s Marshall-Wells (a US based firm) advanced in the Canadian market by having a one man representative in Winnipeg and, then, by the construction of a warehouse...

29 June 2010

1914 – Sterling Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: James Chisholm & Son

29 June 2010

1910 – Former Bank of Commerce, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: Darling & Pearson The present structure at 389 Main Street is the third Bank of Commerce Building to stand on its site. It constitutes one of Canada’s finest examples of what the...

29 June 2010

1909 – Keewayden Building (Jacob Crawley Building), Winnipeg, Manitoba

Architects: Herbert E. Matthews

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