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Niall McLaughlin Architects

21 May 2009

Four Irish winners at 2009 RIBA Awards

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the winners of the 2009 RIBA Awards. RIBA Awards for architectural excellence will be presented across the UK today with 103 buildings in the...

21 March 2009

Ballsbridge house wins RIBA award

A house with a granite base and glass upper floor by Niall McLaughlin Architects is based on the work of Californian architect Craig Ellwood and Mies van der Rohe but is very much...

19 March 2009

Centre of Contemporary Irish Culture, Kenmare by Niall McLaughlin Architects

The Centre of Contemporary Irish Culture will contain exhibits showing how Irish contemporary culture is rooted in the deep order of the landscape and the local environment. Its vocation will be to contextualise...

13 February 2005

Niall McLaughlin Architects: Dirk Cove, County Cork

Text © Shane O’Toole. Plans and both aerial photos © Niall McLaughlin Architects. All other photos © Nick Kane. Fuller version of the piece first published in The Sunday Times, February 13, 2005,...

12 March 2000

Niall McLaughlin Architects: Shack, Northamptonshire

Text © Shane O’Toole. Collage and bottom photo © Niall McLaughlin Architects. All other photos © Nick Kane. First published in The Sunday Times, March 12, 2000, as “Making light of building” to...