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Architecture of Nottinghamshire

07 July 2009

1860 – Messrs. Wright’s Bank, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Architect: C.H. Edwards . Published in The Builder, August 25 1860.

07 July 2009

1903 – Church of St.Thomas, East Kirby, Nottinghamshire

Architect: Louis Ambler

07 July 2009

1882 – Coffee Tavern & Hostelery, Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire

Architect: Ernest George & Peto A conspicuous and imposing feature when entering Newark from the old Great North Road, founded by Viscountess Ossington, a daughter of the fourth Duke of Portland, in memory...

07 July 2009

1897 – Houses, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Architect: Marshall & Turner

07 July 2009

1888 – New Municipal Buildings, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Architect: F.H. Oldham When the competition for “˜The Guildhall’ on Burton Street was launched in 1888 with prizes totalling £600, it was stressed that business premises were required and not a town hall....

07 July 2009

1878 – New Schools, Hunter Hill Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Architect: Smith & Clarke Published in The Building News, November 15th 1878. “The Nottingham School Board lately invited designs in competition for four new Board Schools, and in that of one to be...