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Architecture of Ohio

22 January 2014

1898 – Chamber of Commerce Building, Cleveland, Ohio

Architect: Peabody & Stearns “AMONG the many clever buildings erected during the past twenty years in America, few have surpassed in merit those designed by Messrs. Peabody & Stearns, the well-known architects, of...

12 September 2012

1870 – Public Library, Cincinnati, Ohio

Architect: James W. McLaughlin Opened in 1870 and in later years known as Old Main. The main hall with its towering book stacks and clearly expressed metal structure was a fantastic internal space....

05 July 2011

1889 – House, Dayton, Ohio

Architect: Solon S. Beman Published in American Architect and Building News, June 1 1889. Designed for E.J. Barney.

24 February 2010

Snà¸hetta’s Wolfe Center for the Arts at Bowling Green State University

The Wolfe Center for the Arts at Bowling Green State University in Ohio is scheduled to open in fall 2011. The center brings together the Universities fine arts programs that were once scattered...

30 November 2009

1893 – Ursuline Convent, Cleveland, Ohio

Architect: C.F. Schweinfurth Now demolished.

12 July 2009

1905 – Emmanuel Church, Cleveland, Ohio

Architect: Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson In 1900 the firm of Cram, Goodhue, & Ferguson designed a late Gothic Revival structure of stone, which was built as funds became available. The first section, 6...