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public spaces

23 June 2010

1998 – Wolfe Tone Square, Jervis Street, Dublin

Architect: Peter Cody The parish of St. Mary’s was large and wealthy and the graveyard became so overcrowded by the mid-nineteenth-century that ‘in order to make room for others, bodies were taken up...

16 December 2009

1688 – Place-Royale, Quebec City, Quebec

Place Royal is a square in the Lower Town of Quebec. Its centrepieces is the little church Notre-Dame-des-Victoires but the entire composition is a beautiful example of the architecture of New France. The...

04 December 2009

1859 – Plaça de Reial, Barcelona

Architect: Francesc Daniel Molina A fine nineteenth century square inserted into the fabric of the old town. The buildings with their identical facades have arcaded ground floors and ironwork balconies. Several entrances to...

03 December 2009

14th C. – Plaça del Rei, Barcelona

From the early middle ages, this square was home to the counts of Barcelona and rulers of the Court of Aragon. Originally built into the Roman walls, the buildings here today date from...

25 November 2009

1840 – Place de la Bastille, Paris

Architect: Jean Antoine Alavoine Previously the site of the Bastille, the fortress built by Charles V between 1370-82. This was removed around 1789, and Napoleon commissioned a fountain for the site. This later...