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Regent Street London

03 February 2014

1898 – T.H. Brooke Hitchings, 229-247 Regent St., London

Architect: G.D. Martin The block occupies the site of the former Hanover Chapel. Now known as Regent House, the central domed block, was designed by G D Martin for T H Brooke-Hitchings. The...

31 May 2013

1922 – Dickins & Jones, 224-244 Regent St., London

Architect: Henry Tanner In 1790, Dickins and Smith opened a shop at 54, Oxford Street, at the sign of the Golden Lion. In 1830 the shop was renamed “Dickins, Sons and Stevens”, and...

31 May 2013

1873 – Grand Cafe Royal, Regent Street, London

Architect: Archer & Green From The Building News, October 30 1873: “This building, the elevation of which we this week illustrate, is situate on tho east side of Air-street, Rogent-street, and has been...