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Richard Norman Shaw

08 June 2009

Shaw, Richard Norman (1831-1912)

Shaw was born in Edinburgh, but moved to London in 1845. In the following year heentered the London office of William Burn, a Scottish architect with a large country house practice. He studied...

08 June 2009

Weir Schultz, Robert (1860-1951)

Robert Weir Schultz was born in Port Glasgow on 26 July 1860, the son of Henry Schultz, sugar refiner, and Isabella Smail Weir, youngest daughter of Robert Weir, a physician in Galashiels, where...

08 June 2009

Newton, Ernest (1856-1922)

After having been at school at Uppingham, he entered the office of Richard Norman Shaw, with whom he spent the following six years. Here in the company of a gifted band of young...

08 June 2009

Macartney, Sir Mervyn Edmund (1853-1932)

Son of a Co. Armagh, Ireland, family, he was born in London, was a pupil of Richard Norman Shaw, and a founder of the Art-Workers’ Guild. He began practice in 1882, his work...

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