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RKD Architects

03 February 2011

2008 – AIB Bankcentre, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Architects: RKD Architects The new AIB building is located adjacent to the existing buildings built in the 1970’s at Bank Centre. The building had to incorporate the existing campus and provide a new...

29 June 2010

2006 – Blood Stone Building, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin

Architect: RKD Architects

09 June 2010

2007 – Riverside IV, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin

Architects: RKD Architects Riverside IV was the last remaining Grand Canal Harbour site in Dublin’s Docklands, located centrally between the Grand Canal Dock and the River Liffey. RKD Architects designed a 35,000 sq....

21 February 2010

1904 – Storehouse, St. James’s Gate, Dublin

Architect: A.H. Hignett / RKD Architects Now known as the Storehouse (the Guinness Visitor Centre), for many years this building was under threat of demolition, lying empty and disused. Ironically, only the cost...

08 February 2010

2007 – Naughton Institute / Crann Building, Trinity College Dublin

Architect: RKD Architects / Wilson Architects Occupying an irregular shaped plot bounded by the elevated railway line, the Naughton Institute contains research labs and a sports centre for the use of students. The...