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Rossmore Park

29 September 2009

1858 – Rossmore Castle, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

Architects: William Vitruvius Morrison / W.H. Lynn Also known as Rossmore Park, Rossmore Castle was a 19th century castle of great size and variety. Originally built in 1827 to the designs of William...

17 September 2009

1876 – Rossmore Mausoleum, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

Architect: E.J. Tarver The Rossmore Mausoleum was designed by E.J. Tarver for the 4th Baron Rossmore who died after a hunting accident at Windsor Castle in 1874 aged 23. Built on a rocky...

26 January 2009

Can you help the Rossmore Conservation Group?

2008 was a good year for the future prospects of a fine mausoleum, hidden in Brown’s Wood in the midst of Rossmore Forest Park, Monaghan. The establishment of the Rossmore Conservation Group and...