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RTE Donnybrook

09 December 2009

€350m RTE HQ delayed in demand by planners

RTE has been told to give a more detailed account of the impact a €350m redevelopment of its Donnybrook campus will have on the area. Dublin City Council has said studies, including a...

26 October 2009

RTE to demolish Tallon’s Radio Centre?

RTE recently submitted plans for the redevelopment of their Donnybrook campus. Rising to an overall height of almost 26m (88ft) on its frontage to the dual-carriageway, the complex would taper down to 10.4m...

06 October 2009

‘Tsunami of change’ requires RTÉ site revamp

RTÉ’s ambitious plans to redevelop its Donnybrook site are designed to steel the national broadcaster for what one of its senior officials called “the tsunami of change descending upon us”. Rejecting any suggestion...

20 November 2007

See RTE and die: it’s a world’s best building

The drab, box-like buildings at the RTE studios in Montrose in Donnybrook might not be everyone’s choice when it comes to picking the most significant architectural achievements in Ireland. But the studios have...

20 November 2007

Here’s one for the books

One thousand and one buildings you must see before you die — and no fewer than 13 of them are in Ireland. Well, that’s according to a new book, at any rate. Eager...