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St. Pancras

01 November 2012

1879 – Burdett-Coutts Memorial Sundial, St. Pancras Gardens, London

Architect: George Highton This memorial sundial, which is a Grade II listed structure, was unveiled in 1879 by Baroness Burdett-Coutts (1814-1906), a great Victorian philanthropist who sought to rid London of its slums.It...

09 February 2011

1873 – Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras, London

Architect: George Gilbert Scott In May 1865, while the adjacent station was still being constructed, the Midland Railway Company launched a competition for the design of a 150 bed hotel, with eleven architects...

13 January 2011

1906 – Design for a Central Library, St. Pancras, London

Architect: J.G.S Gibson Perspective View & Plans of second placed design in competition. Published in The Building News, August 3rd 1906.

21 September 2010

1885 – St. Pancras Workhouse Extension, London

Architect: H.H. Bridgeman Published in The Building Newsm March 13th 1885. In 1881 plans were drawn up by H.H. Bridgeman for a large scheme. However, Bridgman’s scheme was not carried as planned. One...

10 August 2009

1872 – Thanet Street New Schools, St. Pancras, London

Architect: W. Milford Teulon & Cronk national school constructed in what was then a rn unfashionable and poor area. Now demolished.

07 August 2009

1906 – Central Library, St. Pancras, London

Architect: Cross & Mallows

05 August 2009

1906 – St. Pancras Central Library, London

Architect: Russell & Cooper Samuel Bridgman Russell and Sir Thomas Edwin Cooper were in partnership in London from the early 1900s until 1912.

13 July 2009

1906 – Central Library, St. Pancras, London

Architect: Maurice B. Adams