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Architecture of Surrey

26 June 2009

1878 – The New Lodge, Beddington Park, Surrey

Architect: Joseph Clarke Described in The Building News: “Beddington Park, the seat of the ancient family of Carews for many centuries, was sold under an Act of Parliament, and subsequently purchased by the...

26 June 2009

1884 – Cottage Residence, Upper Caterham, Surrey

Architect: John Sulman Front and rear perspective views including plans as published in The Building News, October 10th 1884.

26 June 2009

1904 – The Southern Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey

Architect: Threadwell & Martin

26 June 2009

1891 – Lloyds Bank, Caterham, Surrey

Architect: Alex. R. Stenning As published in The Building News, September 18th 1891.

26 June 2009

1903 – King Edward VII Sanatorium, Midhurst, Surrey

Architect: H. Percy Adams Published in The Building News, November 6th 1903. Closed in 2006 and awaiting conversion into apartments.

26 June 2009

1884 – Horsell Vicarage, Surrey

Architect: Ernest C. Lee Perspective view including vignette of ground plan and published in The Building News, September 19th 1884.

26 June 2009

1904 – St. Marys Church, Oatlands, Surrey

Architect: J. Compton Hall

26 June 2009

1884 – House at Wimbledon, Surrey

Architect: E.C.H. Blake Front & rear perspective views published in The Building News, December 26th 1884.

26 June 2009

1885 – The Red House, Esher, Surrey

Architect: J.E. Trollope

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