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Architecture of Surrey

21 October 2010

1885 – Christ Church, Penge, Surrey

Architect: William Bassett Smith Front Elevation published in The Architect, May 16th 1885.

21 October 2010

1888 – Staircase at Waverley Court, Camberley, Surrey

Architect: J.M. Ferguson Published in The Architect, April 13th 1888.

21 October 2010

1888 – “The Copse”, Caterham Valley, Surrey

Architect: George Baines Front Perspective as published in The Architect,April 27th 1888.

20 October 2010

1887 – Coffee Tavern, Farncombe, Godalming, Surrey

Architect: C.F. Hayward Front perspective published in The Architect, November 11th 1887.

21 September 2010

1901 – Portley Wood, Warlingham, Surrey

Architect: Walter E. Hewitt The Garden Front including ground floor plan as published in The Building News, November 29th 1901.

17 September 2010

1896 – Cottage Near Haslemere, Surrey

Architect: W.L. Lucas Garden & front end perspective views including ground plan as published in The Building News, November 13th 1896.

16 September 2010

1900 – Bailiff’s House & Secretarys Office, Dorking, Surrey

Architect: Maurice B. Adams Elevations, plans, & detail as published in The Building News, April 27th 1900.

09 August 2010

1876 – Merrist Wood, Surrey

Architect: Richard Norman Shaw As published in The Building News, March 25th 1877. Country House, designed for Charles Peyto Shrubb, built 1876-7. It was rebuilt after fire in 1978, and is now an...

27 July 2010

1870 – Stables & Farm Buildings, Egham, Surrey

Architect: Rawlinson Parkinson Perspective & birds eye views including plans, for R.J. Ashton esq. at Bishop Gate House and published in The Building News, April 1st 1870.