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Architecture of Sussex

07 July 2009

1881 – Bishopstone Vicarage, Sussex

Architect: Lacy W. Ridge

07 July 2009

1881 – Eartham Vicarage, Sussex

Architect: Lacy W. Ridge

03 July 2009

1875 – Hastings Town Hall, Sussex

Architect: A. Griffith Colpoys & Arthur H. Baker Competitive Design including ground plans published in The Building News, December 10th 1875.

01 July 2009

1875 – St. Peters Church, Brighton, Sussex

Architect: Charles Barry / George Somers Clarke The church was orginally built from 1824-28 to a design by Sir Charles Barry, then only in his mid-twenties. It was built in an approximation of...

26 June 2009

1900 – House at Rudgewick, Sussex

Architect: Charles Baker Perspective including ground plan as published in The Building News, August 3rd 1900.

26 June 2009

1892 – House at Eastbourne, Sussex

Architect: F.W. Waller

26 June 2009

1873 – Cathedral of Our Lady & St Philip Howard, Arundel, Sussex

Architect: Joseph Hansom & Son The Cathedral, originally known as the Church of St. Philip Neal, was commissioned by Henry XV Duke of Norfolk in 1868 and was opened on 1st of July...

26 June 2009

1908 – Mission Church, Sidley, Sussex

Architect: George Hornblower

26 June 2009

1899 – Village Institute, Ticehurst, Sussex

Architect: Aston Webb “This simple group of club and institute buildings for the village of Ticehurst has been designed by Mr. Aston Webb, A.R.A., the architect, with walls in red brick and tile-hanging...

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