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Thomas William Cutler (1842-1909)

02 September 2010

1880 – Stables at Eastbourne, Sussex

Architect: T.W. Cutler Perspective View including ground plan, designed for for G.Gurney esq., and published in The Building News, January 16th 1880.

09 October 2009

1879 – House at Wimbledon Park, London

Architect: T.W. Cutler Published in The Building News, November 28 1879: “The house is built on high ground, commanding fine views, especially from the garden front. The basement and ground-floor is buUt with...

27 September 2009

1880 – Cemetery Lodge & Lych Gate, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire

Architect: T.W. Cutler “The Cemetery Lodge and Lych-gate, given in this number of our journal, is built upon the Sutton Coldfield Burial-ground, with red brick facings, timber framing filled in with plaster, and...

27 September 2009

1880 – Lodge, Wimbledon Park, Surrey

Architect: T.W. Cutler Perspective View including ground floor plan, as published in The Building News, April 2nd 1880.

27 July 2009

Thomas William Cutler (1842-1909)

Thomas William Cutler worked in his father’s office in London for six years and studied at King’s College, the Royal Academy Schools and the South Kensington Schools. He commenced independent practice in 1866,...

27 July 2009

1879 – Houses and Studios, Abbey Place, St. Johns Wood, London

Architect: T.W. Cutler