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Thomas Porter

17 May 2013

1874 – Congregational Church, Goole, Yorkshire

Architect: Thomas Porter From The Building News, October 9 1874: “The new Congregational church and schools about to be erected at Goole (of which we this week give a perepective view) are designed...

13 January 2011

1884 – New Admiralty & War Offices, Whitehall, London

Architect: Thomas Porter Published entry for major architectural competition. The Building News, September 5 1884.

15 June 2010

1875 – Addicombe Road Church, Croydon, Surrey

Architects: Thomas Porter & Aston Webb Published in The Building News, May 28th 1875.

21 July 2009

1880 – Residences, Portland Place, London

Architect: Thomas Porter “This residence has recently been completed, and is erected on the Portland Estate. The site being limited in area, it was found necessary to carry up the buildings to a...

14 July 2009

1877 – Wakefield Town Hall, Yorkshire

Architect: Thomas Porter Perspective views & ground plans of competition design published in The Building News, June 15th 1877.